Friday, January 05, 2007

Ceramics for the Soul

Friends, please allow me to use this post as an opportunity to vent a bit, as well as share how I came across my latest ceramics find- all of which I promise are related. This September I'm getting married, and I'm currently in the throes of wedding planning. For those of you who have planned a wedding, I salute you. I went into this thing whole deal saying, I'm an "indie" bride and none of that cookie-cutter wedding industry nonsense for me thank you. And then, like a flood, the questions started. What kind of china patterns do you like? You're going to get a good silver flatware set aren't you? Register for china? Silver? Me? I don't even cook! So after months of these types of questions, I found myself starting to break. My indie spirit weakened and registering for china seemed more acceptable. That's the power of the wedding industry.

So after an internal struggle, my solution is this - I decided that I can still register for special dinnerware, but I don't have to buy china at a major department store. Instead, I will support an artist who has put their heart and soul into their work. Someone like Cynthia Vardhan, who uses creamy porcelain on her potters wheel to create exquisitely crafted cups and saucers, bowls, and dishes that are then hand decorated with pigmented clay. Her attention to detail is just incredible, and I love that her decoration blends influences from various cultures and time periods. Cynthia's collection is available for purchase on her website and on Etsy.

I feel much better. Thank you for listening.


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