Friday, December 01, 2006

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

You know those boring old vases that come with flower deliveries - the ones that clutter your home, but you feel guilty throwing away? Well, leave it to brilliant Tord Boontje to come up with a beautiful, functional and environmentally-friendly solution to this dilemma. In the spirit of recycle and reuse, Tord's laser-cut metal Vase Covers called "Thinking of You," enable you to mold and shape them around old vases, jars, or bottles. What was once an ordinary plain vase can now be transformed into a visually stunning centerpiece! Each Cover features sparkling flowers, butterflies, and nature-inspired shapes on arching vines that flutter and twist. Tord's Vase Covers can be purchased at Unica Home, Friend, and DWR.


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