Tuesday, December 12, 2006

From Eyesore to Eye-Catching

I had so much fun this weekend shopping at the various craft fairs in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Family and friends are all getting indie gifts this year, and I couldn't be more excited about my purchases! While I was at the Bust Craft Fair, I met Brooklyn-based designer Jamie Hardy, whose company Gremalkin caught my eye. Jamie makes decorative switchplate covers to hide those unsightly electrical outlets in your home. If you're a city-dweller like me, then you probably live in an apartment where electrical outlets have been built into random and nonsensical locations - like dead center in your living room wall for instance. Jamie's switchplates turn what was once an ugly eyesore, into a really great accent piece. Each is coated in a glossy plastic resin and costs between $6-$20. You can purchase them on the Gremalkin website or on her Etsy shop (along with the other great products she makes including totes, knitting bags and neckties).


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