Friday, November 17, 2006

The Trend Continues: Wall Graphics & Flats

Boring white walls? Not anymore! Wall graphics have been all the rage this year. And my apartment is no exception. I'm a big fan of Blik Wall Graphics. They're super easy - peel, stick and you're done! I spent hours one Sunday arranging Blik's "Flock" design in just the right pattern. My living room looks absolutely divine now. The only bad thing about having these beautiful designs on my wall is having to admit to friends that, "No, I didn't paint them myself."

Now, the trend continues with Inhabit's Wall Flats. These peel-and-stick adhesive tabs are simple, modern, and best of all, earth-friendly. They're made from 100% bamboo pulp - one of the world's fastest self-replenishing resources - so no need to feel guilty about your spending. Just keep telling yourself that.

[I'm off to Boston for the weekend to visit a friend so posting will continue on Monday. Have a good weekend!]


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